Monday, May 2, 2011

Chinese contribution

200 B.C.E

Diogenes Laertius (c. 200)
Liu Hong (fl. 178-187)
Wang Fan (217-257)
Diophantus of Alexandria (c. 250?)
Sun Zi (c. 250?)
Zhao Shuang (Jun Qing) (c. 260)
Liu Hui (c. 263)
Porphyry (c. 234-c. 305) (Malchus the Tyrian, Porphyrius)
Anatolius of Alexandria (fl. c. 269)
Sporus (c. 280)
Iamblichus (c. 250-c. 350)
Xiahou Yang (c. 350?)

This is a golden era for the Chinese and although they wont make such large contributions as this in the future (so far) it marks a beginning where the Chinese never let up on their contributions to not only math, but science as well.

In fact, recent studies have shown a large part of scientifically peer reviewed papers being published now are actually Chinese.

The article mentions how the US is still ahead, but that it may be reaching an apex. This is the price the US will pay for having a large portion of its populance remember the roster of their favorite sports teams or the cast of their favorite TV shows rather than the names and the contributions of great people.


  1. The Chinese are defiantly taking over! They are Math geniuses!

  2. That last line is definitely wisdom.

  3. I tip my hat to all the great contributors from China. We'd be worse off without you!

  4. Chineses are awesome, im jelly.

  5. I agree; the last line pretty much sums it up. Pop figures have taken over in our culture and it's pathetic.

  6. Yeah, Chinese culture is way different than USA, and it's really not new :P

  7. WIN
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  8. Soon China will reach #1 economy position... But in science will take more time...

  9. Chinese contributions are always underrated by western culture.

  10. Eh, don't really care where the contribution comes from. If it helps someone along the way, good job.

    Pretty sweet to jump 6th to 2nd ranking though.

  11. Yea China has done alot of excellent things for the world.

  12. US is getting too complacent and soft. Need something to kick our asses into gear.

  13. Chinese are intense when it comes to math!

  14. I wish I was in smart in math as Chinese are...