Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Timeline update

500 B.C.E.

Katyayana (c. 500) 
Nabu-rimanni (c. 490) 
Kidinu (c. 480) 
Anaxagoras of Clazomenae (c. 500-c. 428) 
Zeno of Elea (c. 490-c. 430) 
Antiphon of Rhamnos (the Sophist) (c. 480-411)  
Oenopides of Chios (c. 450?) 
Leucippus (c. 450) 
Hippocrates of Chios (fl. c. 440) 
Meton (c. 430) 
Hippias of Elis (fl. c. 425) 
Theodorus of Cyrene (c. 425) 
Socrates (469-399) 
Philolaus of Croton (d. c. 390) 
Democritus of Abdera (c. 460-370) 

History is doing a much better job at recording the names of the people who contributed to math, its important to note that hard drives are still not available in this time period


  1. Nice little list you got going here.

  2. one of the more intellectual blogs I've encountered. Thumbs up.